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DXFXWXU COLLECTIVE is an artist-run creative umbrella with the goal of presenting and disseminating works of art we believe are worth sharing with the world. We firmly stand behind autonomous, uncompromising, thoughtful, and thought-provoking art and the artists that create it. 

DXFXWXU MAG is a free, quarterly online magazine that aims to present curated works of art created by the founders of DXFXWXU and friends. 

DXFXWXU is founded and run by Victor Ferreira of Sun Glitters and Mirza Ramic of Arms and Sleepers.

We ask that you subscribe to our newsletter below (although it is not required to access the site) as we are not very active on social media. We will only email you when a new issue of the online magazine is released. Thank you for supporting DXFXWXU.

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