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HELLO THERE. We are back to our regularly scheduled programming. It's been a busy and hectic year, but DXFXWXU carries on nevertheless. Just a bit of a delay, that's all. Please pardon the interruption.

HEY LISTEN, if you're a returning visitor (or subscriber - thank you if you are!), you know what this thing's about. We joke, we get serious, we give you free stuff, we try to make the *art consumption* experience a bit more unique. If you're here for the first time, welcome. You scroll to the right (usually) and absorb stuff - that's all. Hopefully you'll feel inclined to support some of the featured artists - make sure to also visit our back issues which contain a whole bunch of exclusive content. But most of all, we just hope that you enjoy the experience and perhaps find something meaningful along the way.

I WAS GOING to add some stupid and sarcastic remarks here, but actually I just want to say *fuck*, life can be hard. The DXFXWXU MAG is our escape platform - the freedom to do things as we want and as we envision provides us with immense energy. We hope that you can feed off of that energy too. Thank you for being here, feel free to write us if you have any questions or just want to say hello.

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