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SO YEAH we've been busy. We were so determined to keep this online magazine a quarterly publication, but in the end we succumbed to the pressure of our other projects and DXFXWXU took a hit. We felt bad. We still feel bad. But oh well. We are, however, working on a nice full issue to be released soon. Let's just call Winter 2019 a bust and move on to Spring 2019, ok?

ONE BIG CHANGE that happened between MAG03 and now is that we've made the DXFXWXU platform accessible without a log-in. Additionally, we've created a YouTube channel where we'll post some videos from previous issues. So the exclusivity aspect of our online magazine is changing a bit. We still want to keep our platform somewhat of its own universe, so there will continue to be exclusive content available only on our site. And you can still create an account with us which will enable you to access special issues and content in the future.

THAT'S IT for now. We've decided to include the "staple" of our magazine, the X.FACTOR videos, from each of the previous editions in this little recap issue. You gotta scroll left this time, because, well, it's a recap of past things. We're going backwards. Get it? We so clever! But for real, enjoy the videos and we'll see you next time for a proper full issue of DXFXWXU MAG. Any questions in the meantime, feel free to email us.

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