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DXFXWXU COLLECTIVE was created with the idea of doing things on our own terms, for ourselves and for other artists we've met along the way. In the last two mag issues and in this new issue, we've assembled creative work from a variety of artists, most of whom we met through our own music. Some pursue art full-time and others pursue art on the side, but whatever the case may be, their creative work speaks for itself. We are grateful for the chance to be inspired by artists from all walks of life and for the opportunity to share their work on this platform.


THE PHOTOGRAPH on the cover of this issue of DXFXWXU MAG was taken by Chris Piotrowicz, a Cologne-based artist that I met through Arms and Sleepers. This past summer I asked him if he wanted to help me with a very personal project, filming a short documentary in my hometown of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. He agreed, and we ended up spending several exhausting, highly emotional days creating a film. It dawned on me how random but meaningful connections between artists can be, and just how much can be accomplished when we take a chance on others. The DXFXWXU platform itself is a result of a random meeting between two individuals, Victor of Sun Glitters and I. We each decided to give one another a chance, and the result has been not just this online magazine but many other fulfilling creative projects.

THIS IS NOT meant to be some cheesy inspirational blabber, but rather a reminder to myself (and maybe to you) that so much can be achieved through collaboration. For me personally, it takes some time and effort to open up to new people, and while being careful with strangers is not a bad idea, it is also not a bad idea for me to remember that almost every creative project I've ever been involved with has stemmed from a collaboration with another artist and human being. So here's to collaboration, in the world of arts and in the world of super serious adult stuff.

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