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WELCOME to the first edition of the DXFXWXU MAG, where we aim to present a variety of works of art created by the founders of DXFXWXU COLLECTIVE and other artists who we believe are uncompromIsing and forward-thinking. In this and future editions of the magazine, we will curate and share with you new music, videos, events, photography, graphics, comics, poetry, storytelling, travelogues, and much more – original and unique content we believe is worth sharing and cherishing. We will also provide you with free music downloads, event ticket giveaways, and other surprises exclusively available to our subscribers, with the broader goal of creating a community unafraid to step outside of the traditional confines of art presentation and dissemination.

THE IDEA behind the collective and the magazine was born from two distinct forces: on the one hand, our genuine excitement for art of any kind, including its potential for meaningful and lasting social impact; on the other hand, our profound frustration with the music industry, in particular the unprofessionalism, shallowness, and greed that have permeated both the mainstream and the underground. For over a decade, we have wasted countless hours and excessive energy on these frustrations, slowly taking us away from the fundamental core of our initial motivations to create and present meaningful art. With DXFXWXU, we wanted to take  back control of how we share works of art that we deeply care about. Instead of  waiting for email replies from music publications or signing away our souls to record labels and managers, we decided to invest into something that is fully our own – an artist umbrella and platform for distributing our and our friends’ creative ideas. The DXFXWXU MAG is precisely that: a place for carefully curated art we believe is thoughtful and worth sharing with the world. Thank you for being a part of this adventure.

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